Welcome to Taj Heights

Some of the finest buildings in Delhi and around were built by the Mughals. Residential architecture of the Mughals in India was essentially functional and aesthetic at the same time. The glory of gardens and expansive open spaces was however lost during the years of British influence when the descendents of the architecturally savvy nawabs were pushed behind the oblivion of the narrow lanes around the Jama Masjid. History is being rewritten.... the gardens could be back...

Taj Heights, a multi-storied residential complex of Nyay Vihar Sahkari Awas Samiti Limited spread over an area of 5 acres, equipped with all modern facilities and amenities from market to club house, 60% open space with lush green park, water bodies and fountain, a place where you want to have your dream HOME.

The dwellers of the walled city could reclaim the style and grandeur of the yore. Taj Heights, an inspired residential project of cultural renaissance invites you to partake in the renewed excellence of a lifestyle, a lifestyle of modernism combined with the finest values of those glorious times.

The Nafasat, Ilm and Ibadat could rule our mind and soul again.

Taj Heights is located very close to Old Delhi and is designed to respond to the changing world around us. It’s modern, it’s Indian and it’s futuristic.